With over 15 years of experience, our staff member will be able to give you the most out of your gold or jewelry. We buy all types of jewelry, whether it is broken or not, such as rings, chains, and more. The pieces are weighed right on the spot and an estimate will be given. If you like our estimate, we will pay you cash instantly for your items. We offer jewelry and watch repairs on-site and in most cases, while you wait. Our professional staff also does jewelry restoration and design.

As a convenience to our clients, we now serve as a local prepaid phone dealer. If you are looking to buy or refill a phone, we are here to help you. The carriers in which we provide service with are: BOOST MOBILE, VIRGIN MOBILE USA, T-MOBILE, and SIMPLE MOBILE.
Contact us in Boston, Massachusetts, for more information about our jewelry sales and phone services.
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